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Portion Control
Portion Control is just as important for dogs as it is for human beings. For anyone not familiar with the term, Portion Control entails understanding the number of calories in a meal, and controlling the portion size to ensure just the right amount of food is served so as to maintain a desired weight. Too little and you, or in this case your dog, will lose weight. Too much, and your dog will gain weight. Neither scenario is particularly desirable, unless your dog is either over or under weight in the first place.

Quantity vs Quality
With the food you feed your dog you are effectively investing in its future. The more you invest in terms of quality, the greater your return in terms of increased longevity and lower vet bills. And if that was not incentive enough, the more you spend in terms of quality, the less you will need to spend over time since you need to feed less of a quality food than a poor quality one.

Bottom Line
At the end of the day, and to return to where we started, Portion Control is so terribly important to the health of your dog. Studies have proven that an overweight dog is likely to live a shorter life than if he or she was the ideal weight.

So please, please, don’t kill your dog with kindness. Closely monitor the amount you feed your dog. For your sake and theirs!


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