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Our Philosophy

Our Guiding Principles

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At We Cook for Dogs! we practice the philosophy of human nutrition expert and critically acclaimed author Marion Nestle, Ph.D., M.P.H., and Malden C. Nesheim, Ph.D, animal nutrition expert at America’s acclaimed Cornell University and former President of the American Institute of Nutrition.

Referring to home cooked food for pets in their best selling book, “Feed Your Pet Right – The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat“, the authors say:

“We don’t get it. We don’t understand what the big deal is about cooking for pets. Pet owners are constantly warned against cooking and preparing foods for dogs and cats: too difficult, too complicated, and too confusing.”

They continue:

“Although both of us are Ph.D.-trained nutritionists, we hardly believe you need a Ph.D. to cook for yourself or your pet. We view cooking for pets as no more complicated or difficult than cooking for yourself and your family…..”

The authors then go on to say that we as humans not only survive, but flourish, not by counting nutrients, but by using common sense and, without even having to think about it, by applying three fundamental principles of nutrition. Namely, Balance, Variety and Moderation.

“As those of us who are Ph.D. nutritionists can tell you, it is extremely difficult to induce a nutritional deficiency in animals – or people – who follow those principles.”

Our Own Research

Following several years of exhaustive research into the matter of pet nutrition, we agree wholeheartedly with Professors Nestle and Nesheim. We support their view and have followed their guiding principles in the development of our Food for Dogs.

When you think about it, their view is the one practised by dog owners and breeders for centuries; long, long before modern pet food manufacturers existed. Throughout that time, those individuals raised their dogs without the aid of pet nutritionists. Dogs were, by and large, fed the same food as us, and were generally healthier and longer lived than they are today.

It’s a similar view to the one taken by feeders of raw food for dogs, and also, oddly enough, not dissimilar to the one we human beings still adopt when feeding ourselves and our families. No one tells us what to eat – our common sense dictates what’s right for our bodies.

Pet Food Recalls

Perhaps anyone still in doubt should consider that in recent years, on either side of the Atlantic, there has on average been one pet food recall every week. And every single one of those recalled products was devised and or overseen by animal nutrition experts on behalf of the various large pet food manufacturers!

The We Cook for Dogs! Way

We on the other hand have devised our recipes out of love for our dogs, and out of our desire to give them the happiest, healthiest, longest lives possible. Not because we’re paid by large pet food manufacturers wanting to justify the use of their leftovers from human food production by foisting them off on our beloved pets. But by painstakingly developing our recipes using only the finest ingredients, every one of which is proven to be canine safe and has been passed fit for human consumption, and by sticking to that age old principle of Balance, Variety and Moderation.

No kibbling, no extruding, no cold pressing, just lightly cooking and then freezing them to ensure that our meals are as natural and healthy as possible for your beloved dogs and ours!

Pet Nutrition

Despite exhaustive enquiries of vets and animal nutritionists throughout the UK, we simply found it impossible to find one willing to work with us and who is not affiliated in some way to one of the large pet food manufacturers.

It may not be common knowledge, but many animal nutrition courses are actually sponsored by large pet food manufacturers. Is it a surprise then that we could not find a pet nutritionist prepared to work with a small company like ours, and one who does not have some bias towards the company that at least in part sponsored their education!

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