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Proper Food for Dogs

Variety is the Key

The concept of giving our best friends the same boring meal twice a day for the entirety of their lives is just wrong. Whether it’s mass produced dry dog biscuit (kibble) or a wet food in a can or a pouch, it is still wrong.

The digestive tract of a dog is essentially the same as that of a human being. It is just shorter. Our nutritional requirements are broadly similar. All animals, dogs and humans included, require virtually the same fifty or so nutrients for their survival, most of which come from the food we eat.

Aside from the fact that most commercial dog foods are just plain unhealthy, how would you feel about eating the same uninteresting meal, day in, day out, for the entirety of your life?

Most of us would not wish such a fate on our worst enemy. So why then would any of us be so unkind as to inflict it on our best friends?

Healthy and Ready to Serve

We Cook for Dogs! Gourmet Dinners and Meals for Dogs are healthy, ready-to-serve meals for dogs.

They are proper meals. Proper, complete meals, made only with high quality, canine-safe ingredients, every one of which has been passed fit for human consumption. Quality meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, sourced locally from the same sources who supply our own food, to which we have added our own unique blend of health giving vitamins and minerals to keep your dog in tip top condition.

Our meals contain everything your pet needs to thrive. They are natural, healthy, contain no harmful ingredients, and look, smell and taste just as proper food should. We know this because before Chief Taster Marco and Assistant Chief Taster Ava get to try our meals, we try them ourselves. They may lack the salt, pepper, ketchup or relish we humans like to put on our own food in order to enhance the flavour, but in every other regard, they are exactly the same.

Hand Made Just for Your Dog

Hand-made and lightly cooked to order in our own kitchens in rural Somerset, our meals are essentially home cooked. Only we do the cooking so you don’t have to.

If you have the best dog in the world, you owe it to them to feed them the very best food available. We Cook for Dogs!

Our Ingredients

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