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The Proof of the Pudding…..

Safe for Your Dog and Good for You to

At We Cook for Dogs! we have a saying that goes to the very heart of all that we do. ‘Everything we make is safe enough for your dog to eat and good enough for you to enjoy.’

Fussy Eaters, Fussy Feeders

As individuals, we are very particular about the food we eat. We are no less particular about our Food for Dogs. We sell nothing that has not been tested by us all – including our beloved Marco and his little sister, Ava!

Human Grade Ingredients

To that end, we use only the highest quality ingredients, ingredients that have been inspected and approved for human consumption. Furthermore, we don’t use wheat, corn, soya, salt, sugar, additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients or fillers in our products.

The Best Food for Dogs in the World?

Let’s be honest. Every last one of us has what we consider the best dog in the world. Why on earth then would you give your dog anything less than the best Food for Dogs in the world?

Our Philosophy

How It Started

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