Day to Day

The day to day requirements of a Labrador Retriever are relatively low. Mainly, a little food, a little water, a little exercise and lots of love!

Labrador Retrievers love their food. In fact it has been said that the Labrador will eat anything put in front of it. But an obese Labrador Retriever is likely to live a shorter life. Give your Labrador Retriever only the food manufacturer’s daily recommended amount.

A daily brush, although not absolutely necessary, will benefit your Labrador Retriever. For more information on Labrador Retriever grooming, see our recommended grooming information here: Labrador Retriever Grooming.

For details on Labrador Retriever exercise requirements, read our more detailed information here: Labrador Retriever Exercise.

For further help with the day to day requirements of your Labrador Retriever, we can highly recommend: Labrador Retrievers: Everything About History, Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Training and Behaviour by Kerry Kern and Michele Earle-Bridges.