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Homemade Food for Dogs

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Homemade Dog Food | 0 comments

Homemade Food for Dogs is on the Increase

All over the world, dogs are waking up to a new kind of dining experience. A kind of canine revolution is taking place, and Homemade Food for dogs looks set to be the clear winner.

Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, Belgium and the UK to list but a few, all now have companies, like We Cook for Dogs!, providing genuinely natural and nutritious, bespoke meals for dogs.

The USA is a particular leader in this field, largely due to the considerable number of commercial pet food recalls that take place across the United States every year. On average, a staggering five a month. (They also happen here too by the way. They’re just not as well publicized!).

Small Business and Homemade Food for Dogs

In recent years, numerous small businesses have joined this canine revolution, led in no small part by enlightened and genuinely caring vets.

“So, what is so bad about feeding dogs people food?” asks Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Paula Terifaj, of Founders Veterinary Clinic in Brea, California. “Nothing! If you know how to eat a healthy, well balanced diet you can apply that same principle to feeding your dog. Only the ratio of meat to carbohydrates and size proportions will change. The problem is in thinking that dogs need to eat differently than we do and that all their nutritional needs can be scientifically formulated and packaged into neat little bags. No freshness, no variety and no taste. Does that sound like good nutrition?”

“Worse yet,” she continues, “is that pet food manufacturers are allowed to buy meat and grains that are rejected by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) for human consumption. Our government has protected us from eating harmful foodstuffs, but the same protection does not apply to our pets! It is time we invite our hungry hounds back into our kitchens.”

Dogs and Cats can Eat the Same Food as Humans

If all this sounds familiar, it is. As we quoted in a previous post, “During the process of digestion, animals break down the carbohydrates, proteins and fats in foods into units – sugars, amino acids, and fatty acids – small enough to be absorbed into the body,” said Marion Nestle, Ph.D, MPH & Malden C Nesheim, Ph.D, in their best selling book, Feed Your Pet Right, The Authoritive Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat. “These are used to build body parts or to produce energy. That is why dogs and cats are able to eat the same kinds of foods as we do. With only a few exceptions, pets require the same nutrients we do, digest food in the same way, and do just fine on diets similar to ours.”

Some Vets Promote Homemade Food for Dogs

Meanwhile, vet Paula Terifaj, along with vets at the likes of the Angell Animal Medical Center, a multi-practice veterinary clinic with its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, even go so far as to suggest homemade dog food recipes on their websites rather than promoting the obviously more lucrative nutritionless kibble recommended by so many vets purely because it enhances their bottom line.

If you feel your dog deserves better, and you would like to join this revolution, why not give We Cook for Dogs! a try?

We make Homemade Food for your dog so you don’t have to!


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