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Cooking for Dogs

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Dog Nutrition, Homemade Dog Food | 1 comment

Cooking for Dogs has become Trendy

Cooking for Dogs is on the increase. Yes, Cooking for Dogs really has become trendy. Again!

Back in the Middle Ages, the landed gentry employed kennel cooks to cook for their dogs. They fed them proper meat, grains and vegetables, cooked and invariably made into nutritious stews. Dogs were lean, fit, healthy, suffered fewer food related intolerances, and lived longer lives than today.

The poorer people would largely have fed their dogs on cooked table scraps and unwanted meat and vegetables supplemented with bones and anything else the dogs could scavenge from the table waste of other, non dog-owning households.

Every long-established dog breed we share our lives with today was essentially developed, honed and improved on home cooked food. Now that’s something most large dog food manufacturers would prefer not to draw your attention to!

Cooking for Dogs by Breeders

That’s so important, it’s worth repeating. Every established breed that has been with us since the Middle Ages – roughly between the 5th and the 15th Century – dogs such as the Maltese, the Spaniel, the Pug, the Foxhound, most of the other hunting breeds and many, many more besides, became the dogs we know and love today because many of their breeders believed that Cooking for Dogs was the best way to feed and improve their animals.

Cooking for Dogs is not Difficult

Cooking for dogs is not complicated. It’s little more difficult than cooking for any other family member. But it is time-consuming, and it is important to get the balance right because dogs do have slightly different nutritional needs to human beings. Those things aside, anyone can home cook for their dog.

At We Cook for Dogs! we are committed to doing what many dog owners would prefer to do if only they had the time. Because a surprising number of pet parents know the highly processed food they feed their dog every day is not healthy. They know their best friend deserves better. They simply don’t have the time to do anything about it, which is where we come in.

We are Cooking for Dogs so you, and they, don’t have to!

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    I agree. Cooking for dogs is the best way of feeding dogs today


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