At We Cook for Dogs!, Every Year is the Year of the Dog!

For one reason or another, it seems we have an awful lot of fussy dogs amongst us today. Anyone with children will know what it’s like. Your little angel will happily bite into a burger or tuck into a slice of chocolate cake but won’t eat their lettuce or Brussels sprouts to save their lives. With dogs it’s frequently peas and carrots they turn their noses up at, both extremely nutritious when lightly cooked the We Cook for Dogs! way.

So especially for those of us whose best friends are somewhat finicky about their food or vexatious about their veg, we’ve created our Minced & Mashed range of meals. We still use the same high quality ingredients, only instead of chopping and dicing, we Mince & Mash the ingredients instead.

Some may ask why we don’t mash all our meals in the first place, and the answer is very simple. While it’s actually a lot easier for us to mince or mash everything, we are more than happy for customers to see what goes into the making of our meals for dogs. Most people in our field make dog food. We make Food for Dogs. We’re actually proud of the quality of our ingredients and rather like to show them off. That’s one of the things that makes us different from the rest. Others show you fancy packaging which bears no relationship to the food that’s inside. We like you to see inside so you know exactly what you’re feeding your best friend, in just the same you do when feeding yourself or the rest of your family.

So, thank you to all those who have shared their stories about their fussy eating best friends, and a special thank you to those who even went so far as to suggest a Mashed range of meals. Especially for you, we’ve done just that.

We hope you – and your dog – enjoy!


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